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                               Flower Values

                   Here are some simple tips to achieve maximum visual value on  your  wedding flower purchase.
Choose feature flowers that are in season.

Callas in November? Tulips in July? Roses in February? Avante Gardens can provide virtually any flower variety - any day of the year. Due to travel distance and seasonality, however, the best values are those varieties found in abundance at the time of your wedding. Glorious spring flowers like tulips, narcissus and cymbidium orchids are of best quality and value in the spring months. Rose hips, pepper berries, and 'aranda' orchids offer their rich radiance in the autumn months. Summer, the most plentiful season, presents garden roses, lisianthus, stock, larkspur and a host of abundant varieties. Amaryllis, Star of Bethlehem and euphorbia are uniquely winter blossoms in the U.S.. Ask our professional Wedding Consultants to provide you with value flower choices in your colors.


Limit the varieties of feature flowers selected.

 An overall wedding look is like a ‘Theme and Variations.’ By choosing one or two featured flower varieties or ‘themes,’ your bouquets and décor will achieve a unified appearance and enable us to fully utilize these blossoms throughout the wedding.


Allow for flexibility in your décor flower selection.

Again, choose a few varieties of feature blossoms for your personal flowers and allow Avante Gardens to search our amazing selection of flower growers for value varieties to complete your look. We will choose blossoms in your colors with the appropriate textures to complete the style of your wedding. Flower availability is affected by season, by weather and by travel distance. We can often find excellent values, in abundance, if given the flexibility to monitor growers and varieties the few weeks prior to your wedding.


Ask friends to assist with the servicing of your wedding.
For smaller-scale weddings, having a friend pick up and deliver your flowers to your location will save you the expense of delivery. Friends can also be tapped for pinning on corsages and boutonnieres, transporting ceremony flowers to the reception and returning rental equipment. We do strongly recommend you enlist help from friends – this is your special day and the added stress of trying to complete too many tasks yourself should be avoided.


Select a few, larger and more memorable floral statements.
In the ceremony area, select one or two grand arrangements instead of 2 smaller designs, 4 candelabra decorations and 12 modest aisle flower bouquets. The larger arrangements will be seen from the back of the ceremony area, will show nicely in your photographs and can easily be transported for use during the reception.

During the reception, the two focal areas are the head table/sweetheart table and the cake area. Focusing the décor there will give maximum visual effect for your photography.


Use unique rental items.
Avante Gardens has an array of wedding rental items to provide memorable, yet cost-effective looks. Add elegance to any aisle or staircase with swags of tulle (white or ivory) or chiffon (ivory)… elevate centerpieces with tall glass vases or towering urns … glisten your tables with flickering votive candles. Ask our professional consultants for suggestions to enhance your décor.


Take advantage of our Wedding Collections

Our collections feature groups of seasonal and themed personal flowers and ceremony decor and are designed to simplify the process of ordering your wedding flowers.  Choose your season or theme, choose your colors and let us do the rest!



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